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Anchored in the cultural traditions of Egypt yet inspired by contemporary urban destinations from around the world, URBAN BUSINESS LANE is designed to offer both corporations and young talents a harmonious environment to create and grow. With its 3-dimension concept, UBL combines modern working spaces with a vibrant urban experience at ground floor level, and a warm social life in the park and at the rooftops.

URBAN BUSINESS LANE is created to offer companies and young talents what they aspire for. It is designed to be simultaneously productive, convenient, and relaxed. It’s an environment where talents can connect, interact, and create; where enterprises can strategize, plan and grow, where work and life can be balance.

URBAN BUSINESS LANE is designed to be a bridge between people; between heritage and modernity; between large corporations and young, creative talents and entrepreneurs; between Egypt and the world.


  • A vibrant street life on ground floor offering indoor and outdoor continuity in a pedestrian and shaded atmosphere.
  • Premium offices on the upper levels, offering flexible work spaces, overlooking lush landscape and pathways of The Park.
  • An appealing rooftop park linking visually and physically all the landscaped roofs of the project.


Corporate Offices


Co-working Spaces



While TAMEER operates under the values that developed the foundation of our success, we believe in the power of innovation and the opportunities it generates. Our outlook has always been one shaped by the future and our role in providing solutions relevant to the modern world through practical and sustainable design that cater to the needs of our clients. We are all invested in building homes, communities, but most importantly, relationships that still stand the test of time.